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CD 400A

[영문] CD 400A



Items CD-400A
Equipment Length of equipment 10.3m
Width of equipment 2.38m
Height of equipment 3.75m
Frame of car Daewoo 5ton
Boom Volume of boom 5 section(direct boom)+3 section(refractive boom)
Length of boom 7m+2.8m
Method Interlocking 5 stage boom(direct)+Interlocking 3 stage boom(refractive)
Turn Table Rotation 350 degree ratation
Form Hydraulic driven
Outrigger Slider Form

3stage in Forward and backward with hydraulic system


Front 1300

Back 1300

Extended range

Width(front, back) 7720

Length(left, right) 7260

Outrigger Stroke 950
Working table Size Width×Length×Height 0.71m×1.74m×1.1m
Form Electrical operation
Rotation 540 degree ratation
Control System Wire system Option

Wireless control


Height of equipment Floor height of Working box 39.2m

Maximum Working height


Maximum working Weight 300kg
Remarks The specifications of the product for reasons such as better performance and is subject to change.